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Originally Posted by Mnemonicman View Post
Sounds interesting. Ok here's an idea i'd like to get your opinion on. How about the pump goes to the radiator, then splits to the cpu and gpu, and both go back to the reservoir. If there needs to be more cooling performance I do have two 120mm rads to put in somewhere. I do like that setup of yours. If you can post a pic of it. I do try to get any inspiration if I can.
You never want to split unless you have the exact same restriction on both branches IE: identical video card blocks. The majority of the flow will go down the least restrictive branch. You really want to stick to a serial or dual loop system. I avoid the word parallel here because technically yes that picture is a parallel system from the reservoir, but it is more like 2 individual serial loops with a shared res.

I run 2 individual loops with a koolance rp-452x2. I used to run 3x crossfire which is why I initially set it up this way. You can't see the return from the lower rad to the reservoir because it is behind the drive bays and you can't see the hookups to the top rad, but each loop is Res-Pump-Blocks-Rad-Res. One pump runs the CPU/Mobo loop (red) and one pump runs the GPU loop (blue).

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