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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
I call bullcrap. I've seen absolutely nothing to suggest that M$ is going to back down on the metro interface being the one and only "start" menu for windows from here on in. Either the Staples employee was full of it (and I suspect this because I doubt that a staples has a microsoft rep who'd be passing along that information), or in the case that there actually is a M$ rep, he's a salesman and saying whatever it takes to get product on the shelves.
We suggested such when we left the store. I told the guy that he might have meant the stardock Win7 software skin but he insisted that MS informed him. I told him there might be a good opportunity for Staples to add a 'Win7 skin' package for the low low price of $50 installed lol.

Gotta sell those machines....will be interesting to see how retail handles the Win8 complaints.
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