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Originally Posted by BeaverBender View Post
Personally I don't like that form-factor. If you want to use it as an e-reader then buy an e-reader. I think the 10" form-factor of the iPad3 (or, the "New iPad" which is now old) is much more appealing and functional, ...
Actually, I have to disagree on this. I think the 7" form factor is better. It's not as cumbersome to carry around, and a lot easier to write emails quickly without the need of either an optional keyboard or having to put the device on a table/stand/lap. While this may seem like something minuscule, There are a lot of companies where employees use these devices (They were everywhere when I worked at MUN), and I'm sure this smaller form factor will be greatly appreciated.

In my opinion, the 10" is great for entertainment, games, web browsing, etc..., but the 7" will be the workhorse
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