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My System Specs


I bought a couple of Samsung 128 SSD's couple of months ago and went to register them on .ca there is no listing for SSD so I go to the U.S.A site there is a listing but I can not register the drivers because I am Canadian, So I phone the support number and I am told to call Seagate which I do and she says seagate has nothing to do with SSD's only the HDD's , She even goes so far to call Samsung and is told the same thing .

this goes on for about 3 - 4 hours ( yea I got patients maybe a little stupidity too ) I call back and get someone that actually does his job and he registers it for me .

last week I bought a 256 and tried again...... nope got to call seagate so I demand to speak to a supervisor this guy was even less help so I ask to speak to his supervisor , I bitch at him for a while and try and explain that this should not take this much effort to register my drives so I can get warranty if I need it . he then registers my drive .

So after being jerked around I felt Samsung should be aware of how difficult it is to register a SSD so I E-mail them and this is the reply.

"We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you.

Samsung Canada does not sell SSD products, Samsung U.S.A is selling SSD’s in North America.Here is the warranty card for SSD, Samsung America will take care of warranty service for Canadian customer’s also"

Why do I care if Samsung Canada or Samsung U.S.A sells a product ? if it is sold here should they not support the product here ? Why is it my job to research what part of a company is selling a product ?
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