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My System Specs


Leaning towards that Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X - THRUSTMASTER T.Flight Hotas X

Although there are lots of happy Logitech 3D Stick users. I think I'd like the throttle in one hand and the steering in another. Most of the reviews on were of the "great Hotas for Sim Flights - for the price". The next step up for this kinda stick is two or three times the price. Good place to start and if I 'get into" flight sims then I'll ask Santa for one of those whole systems like the $320 Logitech (942-000011) Flight System G940 Canada Computers | Gaming | Logitech (942-000011) Flight System G940 or the a CH system with $230 yoke CH Products Eclipse Yoke at Memory Express + $139 for CH pedals CH Products Pro Pedals at Memory Express and then a throttle for another $130 CH Products Pro Throttle USB at Memory Express so $500 altogether, and of course I'd need a third monitor to give me the front and two side views from my "cockpit". ... but for now the $47 Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X should give me a taste of what could be. I might not even get "into" this flight sim 'hobby'. And I'll have to see how well my new A10 rig works out with the new games anyway. I think it will have enough horsepower to drive what I want but time will tell.
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