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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Personally, I am really not a fan of the Nexus 7. Sure, I love the back's textured finish but I can't stand the Home button placement, the screen never seems to be oriented correctly and the lack of Flash simply brings it down to the level of Apple's devices. Not only that but the front facing camera absolutely blows chunks and it doesn't have a rear-facing camera either.

I'd gladly pay the extra $150 for what I feel is a better overall design (again, minus the aluminum back) from Apple with features that will certainly come in handy.
I can't stand apple's one button design, I love android's 3 buttons (universal back button, home and tabs). The screen orientation on my nexus 7 work just as good if not better than the Ipad3 I've played around with. And I have flash installed and working on my nexus 7, just because it was pulled from the app store doesn't mean it isn't still distributed by third parties.

The reason I got a nexus 7 is because I liked the Ipad but choose the more affordable route that doesn't involve subscribing to the apple ecosystem, you can't pay me to use Itunes. And I can honestly say the nexus 7 in my opinion is just as cool/functional as an apple device, I wouldn't say it has an edge on the Ipad nor would I say the Ipad has an edge on it.

I can see your argument about the camera, but I'm not the type of guy who takes any pictures at all so I don't even notice.
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