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Even though there were a fair number of updates by Apple this time around, I find it overall to be a big meh.

I've only recently purchased Apple products because they had a few offerings that were significant leaps forward (the iPhone4, the iPad3 and the MacBook Pro Retina) but all these little upgrades that Apple seems to be instituting these days I think are ridiculous. They have clearly run out of new ideas now that Jobs is gone so all they have are these minor updates that they keep promoting as "great" and "wonderful". Have you seen those cheesy commercials for the iPhone5 where they talk about it being the optimal size for your thumb? How ridiculous is that? Everyone has a different reach for their thumb so saying it is optimal is completely ridiculous and to make it the major selling feature on their commercials shows just how far they are reaching now... pun intended.

I love my current Apple products but my guess is that I'll be continuing to use Windows or Linux products for the most part going forward (the majority of my products are already that anyway).
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