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Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
SKYMTL benchmarks cards which are considered competition for the card being reviewed. It doesn't make too much sense to see how much better a $400 card is than a $100 card at 1600x900. He also reruns all his benchmarks for each card in the review every time there's a driver update, which seems to happen every 2-3 weeks for the Nvidia cards.
Reviews give folks an idea of what to expect with an upgrade.

Say I have a 560 or 660 card, and there is a review for a higher end card, I will like to see what it does against my card. And seeing that would give me an incentive to upgrade, and will keep me tagged to the review.

When I saw this card for sale, the first thing that I wanted to do was to see what it does against mine and I couldn't get it from the review. By comparing 3 or 4 cards you have narrowed your viewership down to the folks who own those card only, and, can do a comparison with their own stuff. I wont go through that review if I don't own any one of the compared cards as I don't get the information as to what it does against mine.

Anyways we can discuss this some other place, rather than this thread.

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