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My System Specs


It depends on your Internet connection too though.

Sure, 54g is sufficient for regular web browsing, but once you throw in encryption and non-line-of-sight transmission, you surely are not getting 54Mbps. I would estimate around 10Mbps typically and then if you have a ton of devices using it at the same time, performance decreases further.

11n is typically rated at 300Mbps but most devices (especially phones/tablets) only link at 150Mbps (20MHz). To get 300Mbps, you need to have 40MHz support which recently is only supported under 5GHz and no longer suggested on 2.4GHz (though most routers still allow it).

That being said, you still want the "fastest" router you can afford. Especially if you're doing a large number of connections to the Internet as cheaper routers lack the routing performance required to get all those packets in and out of the network. It's less of a problem these days though than it used to be.

I would recommend the reviews here: Real Help For Your Small Network - SmallNetBuilder. If I recall, those Amped routers didn't get the best of reviews and really didn't offer any better signal compared to other routers that are not "amplified".
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