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Default Router for Internet-Only Network

I know a network is often used for streaming, automated backups, sharing files between computers, etc.

However, I have never used my network for any of those things; hell, I've barely used ethernet cables.

Here's my setup: modem for getting internet access from my ISP, router to enable wifi. That's literally quite it.

I hear about 802.11n 5Ghz, 3x3 MIMO, and various other features all of the time. From what I gather, all of that has to do with increasing network throughput for transferring files between computers (which I don't do).

With this in mind, what router and/or router features should I actually care about?

EDIT: I'm thinking the Amped R20000G would be a good choice for me, but I'm thinking the Amped R10000G would be an even better choice?
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