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Basically it comes down to this. Your getting less performance per dollar than you could be. For that kind of money you can buy an incredible computer. You seem very very set in your ways but everyone here is steering you in the other direction for a reason. If everyone tells you that it's not the best way to go, it probably isn't.

I think your best bet is the 3930, overclock it on air to 4.5GHz. and get some samsung ram and overclock the ram to 2000... 2x GTX 680 is absolutely overkill but if you have that kind of money! Go for it :)

Here is a PC from NCIX that I built that should theoretically blow that one away, costing a fraction more but including an SSD and a CPU cooler:

i7 3930K - 629.98
Noctua NHD14 - 89.99
MSI GeForce GTX680 Twin Frozr x2 - 919.98
WD 2TB Caviar drive - 99.99
OCZ Agility 256Gbyte SSD - 169.99
Corsair 1200watt PSU - 319.99
G Skill 16GB 2133 memory - 167.89
ASUS VE248H - 219.99
CM Cosmos - 349.99
Asus Sabertooth x79 - 324.99

Total : 3292.77, and you can do a lot better on the pricing.

Anyway, I had a blast building damn near my dream computer as of right now :)

I just don't understand sacrificing price / performance when you don't have to!

Either way it's a fantastic build, can't wait to see it assembled.

PS. The memory I put on there is a bit of a farce. I'd honestly do my best to get my hands on a pair of Samsung low voltage memory and O/C it to 2100+. I think Amazon has it for pretty cheap.