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Originally Posted by Culbrelai View Post
SSDs are overpriced per gigabyte, plus I would have to separate my OS and storage and I want everything to be in one place.

SSD doesn't affect game performance anyways, only loading.

Plus, they die faster when you video edit with them, etc.
if you're vidoe editting, your stuff is going to be in multiple locations anyways...unless you're seriously going to try and do it with one drive head. Also, you plan on keeping less than 2TB of programs and video files?


is there actually a good reason to keep everything on one drive? I've heard this so many times....apparently the concept of two drive letters is really confusing to some people (if it disturbs you, I really recommend changing the drive icon to the doler icon, one way or another).

i mean, do they also keep everything in one folder as well?