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Default Can't activate my windows.

I get this Error Code 0xC004F063, when I'm trying to activate my windows.
After entering my product key, it loads a little, then it gives the Error Code.

The description is the following : The software Licensing Service reported that the computer BIOS is missing a require license?

I don't get it. Someone help me please? :[ What should I do?
I didn't download or anything recently. Just browsing, and youtube.

I simply hate the black background, also also this popup asking me to activate my windows.
I don't mind about the windows update, i don't even update my computer.
I'm not sure what kind of info i should be giving. Feel free to ask.
And also,
Thank you for your time!

EDIT: Oh by the way, this computer is custom made. Here are some parts:
Core i3 2120
No videocard ( using IGP )