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My System Specs


I switch from 12.8 to 12.11 tonight and did a few quick game runs. Sure enough this driver is the real deal.

My system basically consists of an 1100T at 4.1GHz, 8 GB of DDR3-1600, an Asus Crosshair V Formula, and a 7970 running 1000 MHz core and 6200 MHz mem. The resolution I run is 5256 x 1050. All I did for this was run through the same areas in a few games and watched the fps given by fraps. That being said, my numbers aren't accurate so take these with a few grains of salt. :)

In BF3 I saw a change from 30 - 34 fps, up to 35 - 40 fps. A solid 5 fps gain. All settings were maxed out.
In Crysis 2 I was seeing a steady 28 to 30 ish with the 12.8's, and that jumped to 30+. It didn't go much higher then 30 (I think max I saw was 36) but it didn't go under that either haha. Either way it still played smooth as butter, and that's with all the eye candy cranked right up.
Lastly I gave Borderlands 2 a shot just to see but there was no change. In case anyone is wondering I'm getting 45+ in that one. Seems to be averaging 50ish. Everything cranked except for physx which is set to low.
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