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My System Specs


;From what I've found on line it looks like my old CH Stick is heading into the wild blue yonder.
SO now the quest is for a new flightstick.
But which one. From the post above seems CH is a good brand - but a tad pricey. CH Products Flightstick Pro 3 Axes 12 Button F-16 Handle Side Throttle Wheel USB Joystick $99.00
There are several others ranging from a Logitech for under $20 to systems well over $200.00
I suspect that going for the cheapest item on the shelf is not the wise choice.
But how far up the product line do I need to go to get a reasonably good useable flight stick. If I "get int" this new hobby of flight simulations then maybe I'll open my wallet wider and get a top line product. I see Logitech 3D, Thrustmaster and Saitek all whhich offer a range of products. some are just the stick - others incorporate a throttle for two handed flight.

I was surprised to see none come packaged with flight games - thought that would be an obvious marketing gimic.
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