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Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
It will not overheat easily, they are generally well designed. Although they can't get rather loud if under full load.

In my experience, Macs are aggressive in dynamically adjusting their clock speeds to keep temperatures down, but using Bootcamp can yield a much more fan-tastic experience. I don't think this makes the overall system well designed, but it does make the system clever.

iMac stands are very steady, a cat would have a hard time knocking one down.
The previous model I would agree on, but all that extra room and heat might just be the perfect camping spot for kittah, and kittah might find the iMac offers little resistance to head bunts.

The i/o ports are hardly what I'd call hard to reach, no worse then any top mounted (or behind a door) on a case. Optical drives were so 2008. I can count on one hand how many times I've needed them since then. Digital downloads are the present and future.
You probably used the USB hub on the keyboard and didn't need to do the reacharound so often.
The previous model looks like it had the SD Card reader on the side, now it is in the back. I guess we'll see how well it works out in practice.

The Mini server has been around for a while. It must be popular enough to keep around.
It is also a low cost item for Apple to produce in that it is only differs from the model below it in having an extra 1TB hard drive hardware wise, yet costs $200 more.

The iPad mini I find rather interesting. Priced a bit too high maybe but a nice size. Regular iPad is too big to carry out w/ you. GS3 is too small to browse on. I think I'll probably end up selling my old iPad 2 and grabbing a 16GB mini.
Please do a review when you get it, I would like to know your impressions.
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