Thread: Work in progress Watercooled Prodigy Project.
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Here is something that HAS to be decided fast.

Since I am having no luck at all in my BST thread when it comes to my PSU of choice NCIX has on sale a Seasonic X-760W for $159.99 and a Seasonic X-850W for 179.99

With my parts and watercooling the 760 should be MORE than enough.....but the 850 is only 20 more.....but I have been hearing stories about high pitched noises coming from the 850W models of Corsairs, Seasonics ( same thing I know ) and that worrys me.

Should I just go with the X-760? Does it have noise issues like the squealing?

Have to know this by tonight or tomorrow BEFORE the new NCIX sale takes place.

I would just go with the 830. 100 dollars for a little extra write speed not worth it imo. How often are you going to be writing?
I dunno. Game installs and such. You are correct though....I just like the "Bigger Better" things. LOL!!!! Something that I am currently trying to stop doing.
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