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I got the entire CH F16 set at home, including the rudder pedals. I tried those adapters but at most only get the axis and 4 buttons to work. I finally gave up and got a converter chip and hack apart my joystick and throttle. I used the BU0836 chip since I got joystick and throttle to convert (end up getting a used pro rudder on Craigslist). If you only have a single joystick, you could use the BU0836X, which is solderless. You will need to use a box cutter to break circuit board connections in order to make the conversion. Took me a long time to figure out how to do it and it still doesn't work correctly because I can't hold down 3 buttons at the same time since the recommended diodes actually render the buttons useless. SimHQ forum would be a place to start doing research.

Precision USB Joystick Controller BU0836
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