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My System Specs


Lot's of pics today, but not as much progress as I'd like, as well as a roadbump.

Pretty standard fare internally. Side facing 3.5 and 2.5 bays with plastic quick release/tool less trays. The side of the 2.5 bay can be removed to allow for a silly long card to be installed, but there's already 13" worth of clearance so I can't imagine anybody needing to remove it unless they just wanted to clean up the interior.

Quick shot of the "sound dampening" material they've put on both case sides. I'm not sure if it'll actually dampen any sound, but as a possibly unintended effect, it does give the case sides a feeling of substance.

In the last pic, I was going to complain about the PCI blanking plates not being punched out (like you see on sub $50 cases) as they aren't held in place with thumbscrews, but closer examination shows that they are proper individual covers which have somehow been wedged into place.

Since this is a mid budget case the included accessories are pretty much what I expected. Some folks might complain about the fact that they have to install their own rubber grommets, but in all honesty, why not if it save us a few bucks. Same goes for not taking the time to insert the individual HDD/SDD trays... any manufacturing process that requires human hands is labour intensive and adds quite a bit to costs. Not only am I happy to save a few bucks by doing these kinds of things, I also personally think it adds to the build process if I'm doing little things like that. (Kinda like making plastic models.... ;) ). System builders will of course disagree strongly with anything that adds time to their builds.

The trays are kinda cheap, but they work. Strangely, the pins are fixed, and the trays must be "flexed" in order to fit them over the HDD/SDD. Not a big deal for somebody who's going to put a single drive in for the life of the case, but I'm not a big fan of "Flexing" plastic over and over for multiple HDDs in the same tray.

In keeping with the theme of using as many HWC purchased items as possible I've changed the block that'll be going into this build. In all honesty, I'm not sure what kind of block it is, but the hold-down plate is apparently a braineater manufactured product so it's gotta go in. :)

The block is a little bit rough around the edges, but there's no window on the case so that's not a big deal.

The WB initially mounted directly to the MB with screws / springs, but had no backplate. I wanted the extra support that a backplate would provide, and was pleased to find that the stock backplate was threaded straight through w/ a 6-32 thread (unfortunately the original machine screws were too small). The only issue was a lip from the thread insert and fortunately a washer was more than enough to fill in the gap.

Overall I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, especially once I found the brass coloured knurled nuts at my local hardware store. The springs I bought were too long, and they don't call it "spring steel" for nothing thus impossible to cut to size, so I ended up using the original springs.

So now onto the Roadblock.... in what seems to be a theme for me these days, I counted on being able to install just about any 240 rad into this case, but as it stands, there's only room for a slim rad. There is absolutely no room internally for my TC PA120.2, and the space up top is limited to aprox. 3.5 cm depth.

I really wish manufacturers would start providing clearance information when / if they claim that a case is WC compatible.

Since I won't be able to use the PA, I've already ordered a slim XSPC rad from, but until it arrives I'm not sure if I want the fans up top or the rad up top.

Anywise... that's it for now. More to follow.
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