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My System Specs


Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
Hey sky what do you think of Guild Wars 2 as a CPU gaming benchmark? The game is heavily CPU bound and shows great differences in performance with CPU's. A personal story quest could be used to benchmark to keep numbers of players constant. I mostly ask because it seems like a pretty good benchmark to me but I don't see anyone use it so there must be a reason why they don't.
I can safely say that if you use min. FPS as a part of your benchmark on GW2 you'll be I/O bound first as frames drop to load NPC textures. One of the better personal story quests I've seen for benching is Flower of Death - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) since you can jump into melee rather quickly. Second to that would probably be the human tutorial because of the centaur rush very early into the quest + you can wander pretty far away and still have NPCs running around.

Back to the CPU, with the unlocked SKUs would it mean for an overclocker it would be safe to just try to OC the !@#$ out of a FX-8320 and put the extra ~$25 into something else? (still less of a risk than trying to unlock cores on the older Phenoms I'd think)
I'm debating whether to use Vishera to try out water cooling Is there a chance that we'll get an Eldonko 990 motherboard review with extreme cooling?
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