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Originally Posted by PcWizTech View Post
If i get 4 errors on all of them on all slots how do i tell if its the motherboard or RAM? Ugh, i really hope i don't have to RMA my motherboard :( that was a pain last time.
If you get errors on all 4 on all 4 slots...probably the ram. BUT that would be HIGHLY unlikely. If it happens...stick a known good stick a ram in there and retest and see if you STILL get errors. If you do its the mobo. Otherwise its the ram. TBH I doubt it will come to that. Sometimes (usually) its as simple as one bad stick. Two bad sticks would be odd...3 unlikely and all are cursed (and I would start looking at handling procedures, mobo eating the ram, bad psu etc etc).

I assume where you are using four sticks you are running in 2T and not 1T? I found with Corsair LPs that they can get wonky in 1T when using all 4 sticks....and I bet you did not use an official 4 stick package but TWO 2 stick most of us do.

First thing first though, try one stick at a time and retest. Most likely it is only one bad stick. Good luck!
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