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Originally Posted by BlueByte View Post
I have been sitting on the fence about this release. This looks promising though, Sky what looks like a safe everyday OC on your review sample? if I get a clock for clock bump and an everyday 5Ghz-ish I might have to get my wife to take my wallet away.
ON my chip, 5GHz seems to be 24/7 stable. It has been folding for the last 48 hours @ 5GHz without a single hitch.

Originally Posted by EmptyMellon View Post
Two questions from the dense crowd:
1. Who still uses x87 directly for their computing needs, aside from synth benches of course, in a large mass-usage scenario?
2. How does this processor compare to the Phonom II X6 1090T/1100T line of proc's? - for us that decided to skip the 'dozer. EDIT: Nvm, found other reviews containing this data; very nice improvement.
1) Quite a few programs actually. Mediacoder, many versions of LAME, slightly older version of Photoshop, any AutoCAD pre-2011 ,etc.

2) I have a better test. Later this week or early next week, the FX-6300 will be tested against the X6. :)

Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
Hey sky what do you think of Guild Wars 2 as a CPU gaming benchmark? The game is heavily CPU bound and shows great differences in performance with CPU's. A personal story quest could be used to benchmark to keep numbers of players constant. I mostly ask because it seems like a pretty good benchmark to me but I don't see anyone use it so there must be a reason why they don't. However I am interested in Vishera's performance in GW2 because my friend is looking for a build for the game.
I'll look into using it in the future.

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