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From my reading of all the reviews including sky's (how you went about this review was very impressive sky btw) ... all but 2 have viewed it as a positive product.

The samples seem to oc on average to 4.8-4.9 range ...
It IS a up to 20% improvement over 81xx series cpu's ...
Pushs finaly past the Phenom II X class cpus slightly on stock clocks ...
Can at least go into the i5 range on preformance ...
Gamings improved, but not substantialy like some intel products can be ...

Ultimately .... the question is still then ... ARE the improvements enough to move some of us X6 users that already sit @ 4 ghz on them onto 83xx series? And more so what does that mean for resell on the X6 chips then as well ... Myself I also then ask ... are these gonna be great chips for those of us whom are "mega-taskers" whom also game alot while leaving things running in the background like im's/browsers/voice chat software & ect.
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