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Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
If you try it on another PC and it works fine, then the board is ok. However, the bend may have permanently damaged the traces or connections and it may error out on any machine. There's only one way to find out.
Which way?
Got some helpful info from somewhere :
"I dont know what the problem is with this ASUS card, but I just wanted to point out that the C_Media chipset that ASUS uses in their cards is a PCI chipset and must run through a PCI-E converter chip. So it has no additional bandwidth over the PCI version of the card and if anything will just run into more issues.
I suspect that your BSOD issue may be driver related. All C_Media chipsets use a couple processes named Hsmgr.exe or something like that, this allows the sound card to get a handle on the audio stream and re-route it. For some reason, quite a few people experience serious problems with this process. Anything from BSODs to massive slowdown from excessive CPU usage. I suspect that the process just has a lot of bugs in it."
If this is the case i wonder why so many sound freaks suggest the DX over the D1 when both cards are basically same except the interface with no "real world bandwidth advantage" of the DX. I suspect asus just realeased the DX to give a PCIex1 version of the same card to make it sell more? Or am i getting paranoid here?
I'm sorry if i come out rude. Bought it in may 2012 and i'm still facing problems with it

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