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My System Specs


I think so, it allows boosting the already rock solid reliable Xeon to new levels. i7s are all good, but when overclocked require liquid cooling. The rig will be for gaming, and for programming.

Yeah, I know, the Xeons are overkill. But they won't be in the future, and with both of them overclocked to 3.0-3.5GHZ they'll outperform an even highly overclocked i7 on hyper threaded tasks...

I heard very good things about the SR-2 (minus the fact I'll need a USB 3.0 hub, eh)

IMO - New technology = expense, sometimes instability... older technology = less expense, higher reliability, better support, etc.


To add - if anyone knows of a better case that will fit the SR-2 that has better cooling (more fan slots, better airflow, etc) than the Cosmos II please tell me and I will look at it...

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