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My System Specs

Default First shot at building a computer

Hello, I've been buying from the custom computer manufacturers for 3 of my 4 computers, the first computer I ever had being a default-floor showroom Dell that was my first foray into this awesome hobby I have now =P

I've heard thousands of times that I could've saved a lot of money by just building it myself, plus a lot of satisfaction would come from the fact that yes, I put that together, that thing that is so useful...

the two computers I currently have are... an older Desktop

i7 960 @ 3.2GHZ
1,400GB system space
ATI 5770

Its about 3 years old and the desktop is the computer I want to replace. The computer im talking to you on is my laptop, i7 2670QM, GTX 580m, 8 GB RAM, also 1400GB system space.

I learn more and more each time I build a new computer, now I feel it is time to make the next jump to putting my own together, since it doesnt seem too difficult... Although making sense of all of the wires will probably be the most difficult part for me.

These are my selected parts, currently, although I'm missing a CPU cooler.

Most are from NewEgg, and none of these parts include shipping, rebates, those little deal codes that NewEgg emails you every now and again. The shipping/deals/rebates will probably cancel eachother out. Lot of wiggle room here, the power supply is quite OP for what I want and can be downgraded if I need money for a suggested part. Budget is less than $4k, ideally around $3,500. I will most likely salvage cables and such from my old PC, including the two empty fan slots that are not filled by the Cooler Master Cosmos II by default. Should default case fans be upgraded or are they proficient?

The place I was going to buy a config similar to this from wanted $3900...

I realize I am missing CPU coolers. I wanted advice on that note. I know liquid cooling is the best for processors you know you will overclock, but with these Xeons I've heard them running at a good 60C OC'ed to ~3.5GHZ with air cooling only. What are the best CPU coolers you guys would reccomend for these, knowing I plan to OC them? The website I was using, the "best" air coolers I could find were these below. I don't want to maintain a liquid cooling system, so the maintenence free ones I prefer highly. Is it possible to use two Corsair H80s? How does liquid cooling two processors like this work? Bar liquid cooling, what air coolers do you fellows reccomend?

PROLIMATECH Megahalems Rev. B CPU Heatsink w/ Dual 120mm Cooler Master R4 Silent Fans

PartBrandPlan for SR-2 ComputerCost
Cooler Master
Cosmos II
Intel2x E5620
Innovation CoolingDiamond 7 Carat
Video Cards
Nvidia & EVGA2x GTX 680
G Skill
2x Ripjaws 12GB 1333mhz
CPU Cooler????
Hard Drive
SeagateBarracuda 2TB 7200 RPM
Optical Drive
Power Supply
SilverstoneST1500 1500W

Thanks for reading my wall.