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My System Specs


I know the new drive is SATA (not sure if it is 3 or 6 GB ) but bought the adaptor so that I can have two drives, have had two drives for sometime now, comes in handy - easy way to copy one disk to another. After I had ordered both items I did wonder whether it was worth the $20 to give the old IDE drive (as in two years old) another go. I could have saved $50 and not got the Blueray, or $20 and not kept the IDE drive - but in a moment of impulsive online shopping I bought both. I know with the IDE drives there was some setting with pins on the back of the one drive that had to set one as the primary and the other as secondary, not sure if I'll need that once both are now going to be connected to a SATA connection. I'll be using all seven sata ports on my new motherboard, three hard drives, one SSD drive and two optical drives, plus a front panel SATA port.

I am not sure I want to connect the 250GB drive besides being small the old PC it was taken from was infected with a nasty virus. Is there a fail safe way to read that drive without risk of infecting my new drive? Its been out of use for about three years, actually kinda curious about what is on that drive. Should I just format it - will that eliminate any virus that may be on the drive? I am assuming it was a virus - but maybe it was a corrupt bios as the system would not boot. I will not connect it until I get Norton installed.

I have one more system install left on my Norton license - or is there a way to have the program run from the old hard drive from my recent system - that 750GB hard drive is in the new box. All the hard drives are Seagates the new one is 2 T, the two year old one is 750 GB, and then there is that older 250 GB one that may be infected. Three terabytes in total, plus 128 GB SSD.
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