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My System Specs


Originally Posted by BeaverBender View Post
Yes, I run Civ5 at that resolution. It is a turn-based game so FPS is fairly irrelevant, to me at least, not that it suffers that greatly.

Office apps at 5mp are most certainly NOT useless. Have you ever tried running Excel like that? My god, the experience is amazing with all the extra rows and columns of highly legible text/numbers. If you used Excel as much as I do, you would never make a statement like that.
I use excel everyday... You do know you can just zoom out of the spreadsheet size and get all those extra rows right? If you use excel half as much as you claim you would know that.

Like I said all those pretty little boxes might look nicer but is it $1200+ nicer? Not to me, there is no value in that for me. My original argument really didn't need you to reply to it, I agreed with you on pretty much everything but 1 thing and that was the value of the screen.

"Don't get me wrong the mac book pro is an impressive machine that resolution + that hardware in that form factor is no easy feat. It just really does not offer much value for the extra $1200 over other machines with similar specs IMHO."

You see that is opinion, your opinion can be different which is fine you have stated your reasons and I believe you see the value in it whereas I do not. Civilized arguments go back and forth debating all the reasons for people's personal opinions which so far I would say our personal back and fourth has been fairly civilized but you are starting to fall of the wagon with other people (or so it seems, but again this is my opinion). So far you have started to accuse people of "ganging up on you" and sprouting false information or subjective information when that is all you have put out yourself. Yes they are based on your experience and your opinion but as I discussed previously in the paragraph that opinions are personal and bear no weight in arguments. You are arguing against opinions with your own opinions and then saying your opinion is the only one that matters. You are right that your opinion id the only one that matters to you, however that is not how discussion and debate works.

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