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Originally Posted by BeaverBender View Post
Hmmm, I only see you arguing about the lack of advantages for a higher resolution screen. Please enlighten me with tests showing that people don't like more pixels.
There is a very consistent theme to your argument style. Comparing a useless screen to an SSD. Asking for tests showing people don't like more pixels.

Most people are stat whores. They'd pick something that was 0.021% faster or "better" everytime because it A: gives them something to brag about and B: they feel they got better value for their money.

People going to a gas station is a perfect example. If someone else was paying for gas most people would chose 94 octane to fill their car with, regardless of the brand or model of their car..... because they'd want the "good stuff". 94 is better than 87, right? Truth is, higher octane is the ability of gasoline to resist burning. Higher octane gas will run worse in your daily commuter than 87 would.

A retina screen is like a wing on a civic. It's like a sport edition of a minivan. Sure it's there, and people like it, but it is definitely useless.

I'm not going to be able to find a study showing that people don't like more pixels, much in the same way I'm not going to find a study that shows that people don't like anything that is more than something else.

Packing 4 times the amount of pixels into a 13 inch screen is useless. Packing that same number of pixels into a 30 inch monitor is worthwhile.

Originally Posted by AkG View Post
On monitors most peeps cant tell the difference once the pixel density hits a certain point. Its only a boon for photo editors and the such. Personally I want a 30" version. THEN it will be useful. Until then its a fancy toy.
I would definitely take one at 30" monitor sizes.
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