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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Bingo. Pixel count is huge important...but so is screen SIZE. Cant beat having a 30" for excel and another for Photoshop. :)

Actually, that isnt hyperbole as such. A couple years ago studies were done and 1080p vs 720p was shown to be indistinguishable at normal viewing distances on anything below (IIRC and might be wrong) 46" screens. On monitors most peeps cant tell the difference once the pixel density hits a certain point. Its only a boon for photo editors and the such. Personally I want a 30" version. THEN it will be useful. Until then its a fancy toy.
So, I see you are now arguing with me on behalf of other members. Did he request you do this or are you just ganging up on me? Was i asking YOU if it was hyperbole? Please show me these studies you speak of, although they don't really matter since we were talking about 80" screens so obviously 46" is not applicable. I love it when people use studies they think they've heard of that are not even relevant. You are correct that resolution becomes irrelevant above a certain point, but that point is much higher than the vast majority of current screens. I have showed pictures and Office applications on my MBPR and compared them to one of my other laptops and even complete laymen are blown away by the difference. Try it, you will like it... As Mikey once said on a commercial

Like I said, I have a 30" high-res screen and the difference is night and day.
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