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My System Specs


Originally Posted by BeaverBender View Post
I don't think you know what you're talking about. Nothing that runs at that resolution? Hmm, let me see, I run all the Office apps at 5mp, as well as all the built-in Apple apps, plus Aperture for my photos, some games like Civ5 AND as I said, I run Windows 8 on it so ALL my Windows apps run at 5mp. Btw, it only scales the fonts so your comment there is wrong as well. Nice try but you should do some better research first.
You run Civ5 at that resolution? Must have like 10-20 FPS or graphics options way down low (in which case it looks like crap anyways). Office apps at 5mp are useless, photo's I can understand that would make a difference. I'm just saying you really don't need it and in most cases it does not make a difference.

As far as everyday life goes though for me, gaming, internet browsing, research and word processing the screen makes no difference. I would love to have it for my desktop because I could drive some games (although my GPU is still no where near as strong as I would like it to be to game at that resolution and it kicks the crap out of a 650m) but as far as a desktop goes with that hardware it offers nothing for me.

You missed the part where I clarified it was personal opinion and that I never said you can't get any value from it. I said I wouldn't get any value from it. Also I read a lot about the scaling and how things look on the "Retina" screen because I was considering buying one but I ultimately decided it would be a huge waste.
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