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My System Specs


90% is from the fact that no one is complaining about it. No one even thought about it

.... until Apple came out with a high res screen you just have to have. Those are the other 10%

It's all advertising..... and it works.

You can't just buy creatine as a supplement. You have to buy GERMAN creatine.

You can't just buy a laptop. You need to buy an Apple laptop. It's got that high res screen that you NEED to have. Cause it looks better. Which is, of course, completely subjective.

I still think it's pointless to have that much resolution on that small of a screen. I would take it but not at a price premium.

As mentioned before it doesn't even sound like the Mac does well with it. However, this "feature" is just another reason why Apple can ask for more, even if it really does nothing for the end user.

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