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Originally Posted by draemn View Post
Interesting... I was looking at some results for the 7870 and 7770 and the performance gains with the new drivers seem pretty tame compared to the impact on the 7970. Got an explanation why the 7970 will benefit so much more than these lower siblings? Also, I'm curious what % of 7970/680 owners play above 1900x1200 performance as Nvidia still holds on to the performance title at this resolution.
That's an excellent question. I don't know the exact technical reasoning behind it but I can make an educated guess.

Basically, these driver benefits seem to be focused upon memory controller optimizations. If the rest of the core processing stages become the bottleneck, the additional bandwidth efficiencies won't be nearly as effective.

We can actually see some of that happening in our tests where certain games at higher resolutions just don't boast the higher level performance increases as they do at lower resolutions.

Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
So if my quick check online is any indication the 7970 seems to be $50+ less expensive than a 680? That's a massive gap, and if the results work their way down the line should put some pressure on Nvidia to draw back from their (too expensive IMO) current pricing scheme.
Also take into account the three games (and those are pretty much A-list titles) plus the 20% off MOH code.

Originally Posted by chrisk View Post
Anyone else think its ironic that these drivers are called "Never settle", while we are then told that their CPUs are "good enough"? ;p

Good to see some extra across the board performance on these. I was following Sky's f@h thread there and was thinking something was up if he was working hard to get some new PPD numbers. The news of the extra games to be bundled was not really news, but the driver optimizations were a great surprise.
You will see the PPD numbers later another review...CPU related.

Unfortunately, I messed up on tonight's review since I thought it was supposed to go live tomorrow night. Guess not.
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