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Originally Posted by CMetaphor View Post
No chance. I worked for Matrox and they've done nothing but go downhill for years. They'll remain in fringe territory until they're bought out someday - probably just for the patents they hold.
I used to be part of their developer/beta test program till it sort of fell by the wayside. It's a shame really. Matrox had some excellent products and their visual quality was first rate but they never seemed to get out of the "industrial imaging" mindset.

So many possibilities. Let's just say it is two items that work together to make a set of products all that much more appealing.
Hmm a bridge that lets you span multiple dieo cards from different manufacturers? A CrossSLI 7970 680?

A video card with expandable memory? A video card with upgradeable GPU/APU/coprocessor?

So many possibilities
Obsolescence is just a lack of imagination.