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Originally Posted by Father Fuzzy View Post
When I first started my Prodigy I was going to use h100 and fanless graphics but went crazy with the watercooling
putting 2 rads ,it gets tight in there but possible
nice choice of components ,love that mobo

U might want to pick up a USB3 mobo header extension because of placement on the mobo
Picked up mine from caselabs

Samsung ssd's have dropped in price and would go with the black /orange theme

Are you going to watercool the graphics?
Thank you for replying Fuzzy.

I am planning to get a short PCB EVGA 670 and slap on something called a Heatkiller 3 on it.....when funds permit of course.

As for Caselabs they will not ship to Canada....or so I am told. :( I do have a friend from another site ( you know him ) getting me some short drive bay brackets and then he is shipping them to me...that should allow for me to mount my Recon and still have a rad of some sort up there....He offered me the extension cable and I said no..... then realized last night that was a mistake and I should have taken up his offer Ah well that is a lesson learned. I guess.

Thing is I know NOTHING about watercooling. I am doing research on what to do and it is confusing the hell out of me. Metals, tube sizes, compression fittings ( whatever those are ) It is enough to drive me to bashing my head against my wall. LOL!!!!

Good idea with the Sammys.....although the write speeds are a little slow.......the colors would go great!!!! Thank you!!!

So ANY HELP from anyone is welcome.

Fuzzy....YGPM BTW incoming.
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