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Originally Posted by BeaverBender View Post
So, please be specific about which information is "misinformation" in this thread, at least as you define it.
Basically most of what was given as advice was either wrong, half right or (to be kind) just plain foolish. Telling someone not to sanitary erase their drive as it may hurt their drive is just plain stupid.

Telling someone to do a Tony Trim in this day and age...on a modern SSD? Based on what information did anyone here think THAT was the best action for the OP to undertake?

In case you dont know what that is....writing FFs to the entire drive is an old school method which was half of the "Tony Trim" method. Its the brute force method of doing things. It IS very hard on the NAND...and w/ SF controller based drives you need to run it a MINIMUM of 4 times as they COMPRESS all data. TT was make obsolete the day TRIM became the norm...and ITGC/BGGC became refined (and reliable). It goes back to the JM6 series days of SSD controllers...when ITGC was a new idea and TRIM was still a gleam in the engineer's eyes.

Telling someone that secure erase is not safe is also just plain wrong. CAN it be harmful...yeah it can be. Kinda sorta. It can remove all the data the drives controller has on the state of the NAND (along with everything else) and can potentially cause NAND w/ fewer writes left to be used before 'healthier' NAND. If the OP had done it w/ certain SSDS on rig A then moved it to rig B before re-initializing the drive....yeah that can lead to problems.

Honestly during testing I do 20+ sani erases on drives. I have yet to kill one by doing a sani-erase. You guys were either mistaking DBAN with a normal sanitary erase...or reading info written by someone doing the same thing. Either way, it was the blind leading the blind.

More to the point....the OP is getting random BSODs when he plays games. That points more towards the GPU and or ram than the SSD. Of course...the first thing we as a forum should have told him was "GIVE US MOE INFORMATION". Why have someone do a sani erase and start from scratch when it may or may not even help? Thats just plain arse backwards.
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