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Default Networking considerations for 200 seat lan

Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone has some ideas to how I should set up, or things to keep in mind when implementing a network for a 200 person lan.
I am going to assume this will be a hostile environment so I need to keep security in mind, also I'd like to have it organized well so that diagnosing network problems is quick.
I have a /23 block of public IP addresses to work with.
Some of the equipment I've been provided with is sub-par: 24port 10/100 switches without a gig uplink.
How much of an impact will there be on the gaming traffic of 23 people going through a 100mb link to the core?

What I'm thinking is that I will assign an IP for each attendee (no dhcp) and each table with 23 people will be in a seperate vlan.
Most of the games will be going through the internet, however there will be a few lan game servers.
I might have access to a cisco router, but if not I'll be using pfsense for inter-vlan routing.
Should I implement QOS? How do I prevent torrents from sucking up our bandwidth?
The internet connection will be a 100Mb up/ 100Mb down.
Ty for any considerations you come up with :)
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