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Originally Posted by encorp View Post
this is ******* awesome!!!!
Haha Thanks !!.....Wait till it works.



I have gotten the main tank 'inner' back from the Fab shop.There's a plate of 316L stainless welded on the bottom.

As you can see ;

There is about a 1/4 inch of excess diameter there.I'll have to grind it off.

I've also done some prelim werk on the rack :

From That pic you can see ;

-The top front , this will hold the vacuum/N2 manifolds as well as power switches/LCD display.....

-The rig on the bottom ; this will be running the LCD HW monitors , as well as my digital 'scope.

The small tank setup will be for solvent recovery from the 'exhaust ' setup.It will also be providing cooling for the gascooling on the bottom rig.


My glass ain't here yet , but that's no issue.It's paid for.

I've looked into the silicone sealant from momentive.RTV 656 is only available in 1 gallon lots for 1400$ US.I have emailed them in an effort to see if they have any 1 pint lots left.They discontinued the 1 pt size because nobody was using the -115 C silicone.....hawhaw.....

We'll see what happens with that.


I've started work on the vacuum and N2 manifolds too...I've got some gauges and most of the valves....

More soon.

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