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There seams to be some misinformation going one here. 1) Doing a Sanitary erase will not hurt your ssd. Its only when peeps do it on a weekly bassis that they can run into issues. 2) Sani Erase is the only way to get a drive back to factory speeds. Trim will get you close but if you want the most speed AND want to be sure the drive is prisitine condition...its the only way. 3) Secure erase / sanitary erase....its the same thing. About the only thing that is NOT the same is a DBAN (D's boot and Nuke). THAT is not a good idea. 4) using them encrypted is not a good idea UNLESS you want your data encrypted (d'uh). SF2281 auto encrypt and compress doubling up on it w/ software encryption wont help. Encrypting on non-SF drives also wont just slows shite down. TRIM command sent to the ssd during a quick format WILL nuke the data. IF you want to be 100% sure then you run a sanitary erase. THAT removes all traces of data...period.

BSODS can be caused by any number problems. Bad ram, bad drivers, bad...anything. Nuking and starting from scratch will eliminate the drive possibilities...but will do jack good IF its a hardware issue. Write down the BSOD code and see what it points to FIRST. Where its only happening during gaming my guess is either bad over clock, bad drivers, bad ram or bad GPU. The SSD being the root cause is further down the list of suspects.
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