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My System Specs


Originally Posted by BeaverBender View Post
So, for all you obvious Apple-haters, answer me this... What Windows laptop with a 5mp screen costs only $2200? Oh wait, there isn't one... The closest has fewer than half the number of pixels and cost almost as much with similar specs. My MacBook Pro Retina is amazing, and actually runs Windows 8 better than any other laptop I've seen. Btw, I'm not an Apple fanboy, I've been working with PCs since their inception and, as you can see from my System specs, I have a kick-ass gaming machine PLUS seven other Windows PCs/laptops.
Your mac book pro with retina screen doesn't really have anything that it can run at that resolution... There really isn't very much content at that resolution at all, most things you look at on your screen will actually look the same on a windows PC with lower resolution. Have you ever spent $2200 on a windows laptop? Because $2200 laptops run windows really well, actually $800 laptops run windows really well. The way the MBP scales things actually decreases it's performance to similarly spec'd machines and unless you use the scaling feature (which lowers image quality so it doesn't look as nice anyways) your effective resolution is pretty much 1440x900.

Also with a 1920x1080 screen you can get better specs for $1000 sure you don't have a huge resolution but you have a higher performance machine, something that can actually drive that resolution when gaming and $1200 in your pocket. I understand that not everyone feels this way I am just explaining why I (and many others) don't see the value.

Don't get me wrong the mac book pro is an impressive machine that resolution + that hardware in that form factor is no easy feat. It just really does not offer much value for the extra $1200 over other machines with similar specs IMHO.

Samsung is now coming out with 13 inch 2560x1440 laptops, pretty sweet but unfortunately I will probably feel the price hike is not worth the money (as I do with the MBP). Samsung is also making laptops with dual 2560x1440 displays which is even more ridiculous.

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