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Originally Posted by howpet View Post
Tonite I got talked into trading my logitech 5300"s for a set of 2.1 Altec Lansing speakers.
My daughters idea so how can you say no. Her bedroom is larger than my cave. I had no idea how much accoustics could come into play as to how a set of speakers perform.
The 5300"s were almost overdriving themselves in the smaller room (AKA to much input)
I"m listening to Wish You Here on the 2.1 system and it"s never sounded better (in the smaller room).
The 5300"s in her room also sound so so much better.
Sooo... If anybody wasn"t already aware (I wasn"t) bigger isn"t always better if it doesn"t fit your application.
I got a peck on the cheek for the trade
You discovered what a lot of people already knew.

Room acoustics, room materials, materials in the room, speaker type and size .. etc etc.

This is why there are companies who specialize in this.
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