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My System Specs


Hey Rassal. Looks like we run similar systems. Those are 2 pretty baller cases for a liquid cooled system and honestly either will do. It will come down to which features are more important to you (future upgrades?) and which aesthetics you prefer.

Both: Similar sizes (coolermaster measurements include the feet/handles), similar layout, dust filters, great cable management, 3x120 radiator up top, 2 year warranty, very heavy. If you are just running SSDs and 1 HDD the number of 3.5 bays won't really matter.

The Cosmos:
Esata and a fan controller on the front panel
If you take the bottom cage out, you can fit a 2x120 rad
10+1 expansion slots so you can run quad SLI/Xfire
200mm front intake
2xhotswap bays + 3x5.25 bays
Has some plastic :(
no window

All steel with an aluminum front panel
4x hotswap bays + 5x5.25 bays
I can vouch for the durable finish
Can fit a 2x120 rad in the bottom, but requires minor modification with a drill/dremel.
Only 7 expansion slots

I wish the rumors were confirmed on the new corsair case. Looks cool. Corsair 900D "Godzilla" Full Tower Chassis Leaked

I've done 2 builds in my 800d now and I really like it. I have mine setup with a loop for the CPU/Mobo and a loop for the GPU. I had an EK dualtop with reservoirs sitting in front of the video cards on my Rampage e3 build, but I found it slightly annoying if I wanted to do anything inside the case and I went with a 5.25 bay dual D5 for my R4E build. I had the right fittings to bridge the CPU block to the mobo block on my R3E, but I was lazy and just used tubing and anti-kink coils for my current build.

If I have any complaints about the 800D: I individually sleeved all my cables and it is a tight fit between the mobo tray and side panel, I wish it was 1/4" wider. Also, I would prefer that the bottom of the window was at the divider. Why have the PSU and rad or HDDs visible...?

Ignore the CD case I used to temporarily hold up the divider before I got around to securing it. Also ignore how dirty the case is as I have moved twice and never wiped it down since I got it lol.

MSI GT72 6QE-033US - 6700HQ, GTX980M, 1080p G-Sync IPS, 16GB DDR4, 1TB Evo 850 SSD, 256GB Toshiba SSD, 2TB Barracuda, BD-Rom/DVD-RW
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