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My System Specs

Default LP needs car parts (3DSXL, 120GB SSD, headphones, IEM, media player, laptop adapter)

1) Shipping is NOT included unless mentioned, but I have a Venture One card to help shipping times a bit.
2) Everything is tested prior to sale and only listed if it works, but items sold are AS IS.
3) Additional, full sized pictures can be had by PMing me.
4) EMT is the preferred method of payment, as well as cash for local deals.
Time to clear out some stuff. I'm not happy having to get rid of a lot of this, but I need money for a car more than I need this stuff. Most of this stuff is in great condition, especially the headphones and IEMs.

$170 - Black Nintendo 3DS XL - Includes Pokemon Black 2, and Pokemon Y
Bought to occupy my free time during my move from Ontario to Calgary. Since I beat Pokemon Y I basically haven't touched it. It is 9.5/10, the only issue being a scratch on the back panel. Includes retail box, stylus, manuals, and power adapter.

$75 - 120GB Mushkin Chronos Deluxe SSD
Purchased from SoulTribunal here, once again to help with my Ontario to Calgary move. This is the exact SSD that AkG used for the HWC review. Sat in my laptop until I sold it a little while ago on here. I have no use for it so off it goes! Drive has absolutely no problems and has been updated to the latest firmware. Comes with retail packaging and a 3.5" Mushkin branded bracket.

$75 - Asus O!Play HD2 media player with 1TB HDD
Purchased from Soullessone21 here, you guessed it, to help combat boredom after my move. Replaced it with a PS4 and just need this gone. The HDD is a Seagate 7200.12, pulled from a Lenovo PC back in Ontario; it wasn't really used until it went into this media player. Cosmetically I'd give the box a 7/10. It's still glossy, but has a lot of small scratches all over it. It's also missing the screw for the HDD compartment panel, but it locks pretty securely without it so I've never worried. Included is the power adapter, remote, 6' HDMI cable, and RCA video cable.

$125 - Audio Technica ATH-AD900 headphones
I have barely used these at all. They are extremely light and comfortable, have a great neutrality to them, and still feel brand freakin new. I'll miss these.

Bought these on a whim as replacements for my then crapping out MEElec A151's. I like the sound signature of my older IEMs, so these are free to go as well. I used them for less than two weeks, and used my own triple flange tips. Included tips are: Large double flange, small double, large single, medium single, and small single. Also comes with all of the extra filters, the shirt clip, and the two cable adapters. It's basically like brand new.

$30 - Cooler Master SNA 95 (RP-095-D19-A1) universal laptop adapter
Won this from CM a while back, saw some regular use, then I sold all my laptops. All tips included.

$20 Lenovo 16/19/20V Portable AC/DC laptop adapter
P/N is 41R0139. Comes with the three different tips, cable to the wall, and a cigarette lighter cable for your car.

$330 shipped -
Lenovo T510 with Type 4338 Dock - SOLD to the muffin man
$30 shipped - Nikon 70-300mm AF G with HB-26 Hood and Tiffen 62mm UV Protector - SOLD to Dwayne
$40 - 640GB Hitachi HDD - 5K750-640 - SOLD Locally
$100- 80GB Playstation 3 - UPGRADED TO **250GB** WDC BLUE HDD - SOLD Locally
$15 - Asus 4670 - Missing fan but seems to run fine passive - SOLD Locally
$140 - Softmodded Black Wii Console and much more - SOLD Locally
$65 - DFI Lanparty NF4 (aftermarket NB fan), Athlon x2 4400+, 2x 1GB OCZ PC3200 RAM, Zalman CPU heatsink of some sorts
$30 - LG GGC-H20L Blu Ray and HD DVD-ROM Drive - SOLD locally
$60 - Xbox 360 Elite 120GB - CONSOLE ONLY - SOLD to moocow
$5 - Intel 1366 i7 970 Cooler (Tower Heatsink) - SOLD to SoulTribunal
$30 -
Gigabyte X58A-UD3R Motherboard - Dead SATA0 Port - SOLD to S.C.C.
$450 SHIPPED - Intel Core i7 970, EVGA Classified Limited Edition E759 (with the NF200 chip), 12GB (3x4GB) Corsair Vengeance 9-9-9-24 1600MHz - SOLDto redhammer956
$185 -
Canon SX30 IS - Full retail packaging and a small Tamrac Digital Series bag - SOLD to TopDogZero
$60 - Western Digital Caviar Black WD7500BPKT 2.5" Drive - SOLD to northernpal
$200 - Toshiba Thrive AT100 10.1" Tablet with case, original AC adapter, and bestskinsever screen protector - Best Buy warranty until November 2013 - SOLD to MAK
$350 - HTPC - No OS - SOLD Locally
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