Thread: Work in progress Watercooled Prodigy Project.
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Default Watercooled Prodigy Project.

Greetings all.

I am in the process of gathering parts for a second Prodigy. I want to learn how to watercool this one though.....but I HAVE TO KEEP THE ODD BAY.

I got the following so far:

BitFenix Prodigy Black ( this will be my second one now )
ASUS P8Z77-I Deluxe ( Bought from Soullessone )
CPU ( looking for a 3770K see thread in BST )
Seasonic X PSU ( Again looking for one in BST )
Samsung DDR3L 8GB ( Bought from )
Bitfenix Specter 200mm Orange( This was a mistake purchase....ah well )
BitFenix Specter Pro 230mm White LED ( Will be modded with Orange LEDs....once I learn how to solder )
SSD x 2 ( still need to decide which ones. NO OCZ/SF DRIVES )
Bitfenix Recon ( hence the ODD )
4 x Cougar Vortex PWM fans ( )
1 x Cougar Vortex 140mm Fan ( Directcanada again )
EVGA 670 "Short Board" ( need to purchase )

This will be my little "Powerhouse" computer for gaming and such. No particular game in case you are going to ask that.

Now I want to do watercooling....for the first time. I was going to pick up a 200mm radiator but I heard that it will not fit in the prodigy due to it hitting the I/O ports on the side panel ( whose dumb idea was it to put them there? LOL!!! ) and I do not want to move them.

What are my options? What parts are recommended? Silence is the main goal here. If not obtainable I will just forget it and grab a H100 or H80i when it comes out.

As it stand now I know NOTHING about watercooling.
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