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Default It's out there....but always noce to see someone organize it.

Originally Posted by JD View Post
Phase M: Flashing Modems

Although upon flashing CM9, it will give you a modem which will likely have reception, it may not be ideally suited for our phones. From the Google Drive link in the first post, there's a folder containing my collection of modems with support for the 850MHz band which we have in Canada.

You can try them all until you find one that suits you best. Just follow the simple flashing procedure:
  1. Disconnect phone from USB (be it charging or to your PC)
  2. Reboot into recovery
  3. Install ZIP from SD card and select the appropriate modem you want to try
  4. Reboot the phone
It's key that your phone is disconnected when flashing. Some have reported a loss of signal entirely if they flash while connected. I've personally never experienced that, but better safe than sorry!

Phase R: Flash UGKG3

If everything goes wrong, or you simply want to blow away everything on your phone, continue here. I would personally recommend doing this, especially if your coming from other ROMs that may have flashed GT-i9000 bootloaders instead of GT-i9000M bootloaders. It likely isn't a big deal, but I cannot say for certain. If your phone powers up with a splash screen showing only "GT-i9000", then you have the wrong bootloader.

Power off your phone, remove external SD, disconnect USB. Hold VolDown + Home while pressing Power. It should boot to a "Downloading..." screen. Connect USB to PC. Windows should then install some drivers.

Open "Odin3 v1.85.exe" and make sure you see a COM port active (in yellow). Configure Odin to match the below screenshot. Then click Start. Sit back and relax until your phone reboots.

You should now be at a clean ROM, exactly as you'd receive the phone from Bell. I would recommend following Phase 2B at this point to gain root access and CWM.

Great forum....

I tried all the above...put me in a boot loop. Tracked down some info on how to escape the soft brick...whew. The key was holding down the power button while putting in the battery....boy....I was ready to do the not so happy dance on the point of ordering another phone.

Accidently loaded CM10 Nightly and all the above. I have the bootloader from a T959 (TLJL3) inky-ghost
CWM and kernel 3.031-g35847d6. I was trying to get back to gingerbread and wow.

...I have jelly bean running on my Galaxys S GT I9000M. Found the best modem for the Vancouver area is the TIJL3. Look at your reception...not the indidcator on the top bar. Also moved away from my electronically charged office and the reception jumped immensely.

Jelly bean 4..1.2. on my Galaxy S ...mind you it thinks it's a GT-I9000.....but it's running flawlessly. Actually my phone is a shell of it's former self. ICS modem, T959 Kernel, GT I9000 bootloader... I loaded the gapps JB 20120726 and have complete access to google play. GPS is working, bluetooth, email, facelock security....everything. You wouldn't believe how hard it is not to drop a couple of "F" bombs in the appropriate places.....but you get the idea.

Thanks to this....and other forums like it...even a noob. like me. can learn enough to really screw up his phone....and love doing it.


"I love android so much I would kiss it.....right on the lips."
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