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I thought of that too, tried it with the same results. It's ok though, talked to my new found friend at NCIX and he asked me all the right questions and I gave him all the right answers, so back it goes.

On a side note, sometimes the best price isn't always the best deal, these folks at NCIX are top notch! The Palit GX2 I had ordered arrived damaged and they RMA'd it express at their cost for my trouble and are doing the same for this board. Their customer service is second to none, as far as I'm concerned, I'd rather pay a couple of extra bucks for an item knowing the service is there rather than save a couple of bucks on the item only to get screwed over in service. My hats off to NCIX and recommend them highly (hmmm...I wonder if they'll give me some browny points for the good company

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