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My System Specs



Its strange, i thought that the 480 was more expensive^^ i would take the 480,even if its much preferable to take a 560 or a 500 series ,or even a 650, but here is not the question, depends on the power you want,check that:

GeForce GTX 480 vs GeForce GTX 550 Ti Performance Comparison Benchmarks @ Hardware Compare

480 almost x2 better

GeForce GTX 480 vs Radeon HD 6670 (OEM) Performance Comparison Benchmarks @ Hardware Compare

480 WAY BETTER (this website shows the most important factors of a GPU speed)

so, i think 200 dollars is awesome for a 480,i have seen some at 400 dollars, even today ,very strange price,i would not hesitate and rush the 480.

for 3D and animation,bigger the card is ,better the performance is, it's like games^^ so yes you are comparing a monster vs 2x and 3x weaker cards

in my links there is the max power consumption of the card, make sure that you calculate the max TDP of all the parts of the computer, and that the overall result is less that 90% of the PSU wattage, i generally recommend that for the lifespan of the PSU..

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