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Red face Changing device latancy and IRQ used?

I would like to ask if anyone know, from where originate the latency setting, that after installing Windows use/set for certain devices. For example a latency setting for PCI NIC card.

If I know where they originate, I can hope I can change them to something reasonable w/o using another program ;) (and I just like to know what is this about...)

Also I'm dying to know, from where the Windows/mainboard get the idea to use IRQ 7 for all the intensive tasks like GFX, SFX and NIC:

And how I can change / edit that. I keep the "Allocate IRQ for USB" enabled in BIOS, but also USB are on IRQ 7...
And I did not see used IRQ numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 11.

I know that IRQ 2 are for some "cascade interrupt for IRQ 8-15" (whatever that menas) and IRQ 3 and 4 are mostly for COM 2 and COM 1 respectively, but I did not use either, so I can find a better usage for these IRQs.
But most importantly, the IRQ 5 is typically used by soundcard and I would like it to be used JUST for that! So, how?!
IRQ 7 is typically for parallel port, but when disabled it seems that all the hardware end up there... :(
Yet it still leave the IRQ 10 and 11 free to be used by GFX card and NIC card respectively, witch will leave on IRQ 7 the USB controller.
( IRQ Numbers - )

Now all that sounds good, but how I can re-arrange these IRQs?
(Windows 2000 SP4, JetWay V266B, AXP 150x12.5, 1024MB 2-2-2-5 ram, Realtek RTL8183(A) PCI NIC card, AGP GF2MX400 graphic card)
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