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To quote Thermaltake in their eRMA service agreement: "Customers located in Canada are responsible for any Customs Releases or Duty Fees." Are they saying we are responsible for charges that are NEVER EVER incurred. It seems to me that wouldn't make sense. I don't think anyone here is lying and I don't think people on other forums who say they HAVE in fact been charged brokerage fees on items marked "warranty replacement" are lying either. It appears that brokerage fees MAY OR MAY NOT be charged. It MAY depend on whether or not the shipper stipulates on the declaration that the returned item has some commercial value or marks it as "no commercial value" or some low value, e.g. $1.00 I'm not fully clear on this and I don't know how Thermaltake or other companies fill out their customs declarations. Looking at it from the viewpoint of the Courier, it seems to me that if they have to fill out papers to transfer the item across the border it is not totally unreasonable that they should levy some reasonable fee, but it is ironic that the company honoring the warranty should get away with paying some of the courier charges but not all of them. The amount of the brokerage fees which UPS charge is often excessive. It seems to me that the company COULD pay the brokerage fees as well if such fees are legitimate and they wanted to pay them. Only a lawyer specializing in this area could answer the question of whether or not such charges are legal and only a judge could overturn such a charge imposed by a courier once it is levied. Meanwhile this has been an academic discussion for me because I am yet to get my psu tested to confirm that it is in fact defective. The only fact I know is that I was playing a DVD when my computer spontaneously shut down and there was subsequently a burnt smell. Now I get no beep and no POST. I just get enough power to run the fans.

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