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Default Wiping a SSD?

Hi there,

Quick question. I read online that formatting an SSD is not a good idea. I want to wipe it clean to do a clean install of windows 7 (i've been running into A LOT of problems) so i just want to restore it to out of the box condition and just install windows again. Anyone know the best method?

My second question is the following: I use the SSD for programs and the OS itself. Under the documents,pictures, music, and video libraries i have it set up for me K drive which is my 1tb hdd. If i wipe clean my SSD, will it affect the libraries on the HDD? Thanks in advance!

Edit: I just noticed I'm not getting a BSOD anymore (for now), unless i play NFS: The Run. Anyone know what could be causing this. It would be amazing if i could resolve the issue without having to reinstall windows.

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